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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Putting for Preemies

My dear brother-in-law, Shaun Dalton - YOU are amazing!

Thank you for planning a fabulous golf tournament and including Bee Mighty as the charity. First and foremost, I can't decide if I had more fun dressing the boys or the energy on the course. All of Team Richter had a ball. We are so grateful and can't wait to open the tournament up to others next year!!

It was such a blessing to have Michael and two of his three brothers together this weekend. (We missed you Bobby & Graylin).

Shaun, Nash, Michael, Shaun, Jason

To see Michael full of such pride as his brother, Shaun, introduced our family and Bee Mighty at the golf tournament was so fulfilling. The tournement spreads awareness and raises funds to help babies following in our footsteps. For our family, it is a big celebration of how far we all have come!

Shaun welcoming the golfers and sharing Bee Mighty.

We were overcome with emotion again on Sunday, this time by Michael's other brother, Jason and family. 

We were looking forward to attending church with Jason and Jen and our nephew and nieces because they have been active in the same church for  9+ years, where Jason serves as a Deacon. They are very passionate about ther church and the role it plays in their lives and the lives of their children. Our boys joined Chance in Sunday school, while the girls went to their Bible studies. Michael and I were invited to join Jason and Jen with their collective group to study scripture. 

At one point, Jason stood up introduce us and broke down into tears when talking about Shaw and what a miracle he is. What I didn't realize is that the entire congregation had been praying for Mighty Shaw regularly during our darkest days two years ago. Jen and Jason held regular prayer meetings on Sunday nights, some dedicated only to Shaw's healing and recovery.

It was overwhelming to meet strangers that said they prayed for our family. I think the Pastor said it best when he met Shaw and said, This is the results of the power of prayer.

Thank you Dalton brothers for showing our family such hospitality and for loving our boys so much. Time together is never enough. With both of your gestures, the golf tournament for Bee Mighty and the prayer warriors for our son... We are touched beyond words.

Pool time post golfing!

From sword fights to waterslides... Chance & Nash

Cousins: Nash, Delaney, Shaw & Chance

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