Born @ 27 weeks
2lbs 7oz

Sunday, July 21, 2013

New Addition to Our Family

This is Bob Marley. 
It started with a "B" is for Bob. tshirt with Bob Marley's photo (Thank you, Aunt Stephanie)

Month's later, I walked into Shaw's room and was greeted with, "I wannnt to weaaaare Bob Mar-yee tshirt."

Well, of course... that wish can be fulfilled effortlessly and it was.... for days.... and days. 

Then, it turned into listening to Bob. At first just at breakfast. Then, he became on request.... throughout the day. 

And who should object? He's pretty fantastic and brings back years and years of college days and memories, so who would complain?

But it wasn't enough. 

"My friend, Bob Marley." arrived this week. He hasn't left Shaw's side, since. 

In fact, the first night we welcomed him to our home, I asked Shaw if he wanted to sleep with Bob. Well, OF COURSE. So when I place Bob in Shaw's crib, I just assumed Shaw would cuddle with him and fall to sleep. 

Instead, he and Bob had a lot to discuss. I finally ended up leaving Shaw's room after he placed Bob up against the side of his crib and faced him nose to nose, propped up on two elbows, as he began to jabber... 

Welcome Bob Marley to the Richter Household!

In other summer fun... 
These are the babes I LOVE most... (Nash - on the move, of course, William Uher, Shaw, Declan and Ellis visiting from SF, Easton & Barcley Miller and sweet Kennedy so patient to put up with the boy madness). These are the wee ones that gave birth to our playgroup, which in turn has introduced me to the most amazing, loyal, smart and supportive group of woman. I am so indebted - four years ago with their support of newborns and today because they are my friends.

Sweet Baby Jacks!!!!!!!!!! (Had someone told us at the Discovery Channel that THIS is what Molly and myself would be doing in 10 years, none of us would have bought it..... Who know it could only get better?!?!)

I heart the smell of freshly bathed babies - especially alligators and elephants.
Channeling Daddy.  He was out of town for 2 weeks, so we bathed ourselves in Daddy gear!

This is how it is in the hood. Nash & Shaw's best buddies, James & Finn, spend countless hours plotting to play together - whether spraying the  hose, wallowing in poison ivy on 'the island' or talking through our connecting fence.... sometimes, we find the our boys just yelling at the house next door, hoping the other brothers will come out to play. (Please note: Nash refused to take of his pjs this day)

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Susan said...

One Love!! My girls grew up listening to and learning about Bob. Our guinea pigs were named Bob and Ziggy! B is for Bob....makes me smile! :)