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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Toast to the Graduate

CONGRATULATIONS to my favorite Graduate!!!

This weekend my husband graduated from the Graduate School of Banking in Boulder, CO! For three years, my husband has packed his bags and moved to CO for two weeks at a time, where he put in hours of sweat equity on projects and classes and new relationships. Simultaneously, he effortlessly managed his day job as an Investment Banker, doting husband and devoted father.

This year, I joined the other wives (and husbands) as we proudly applauded our spouses after years of dedication and hard work. And what better backdrop than The Flat Irons of Boulder and graduation in Folsom Field! (Nash and Shaw, can one of you PLEASE go to school here?!!)

Michael, we are SO very proud of you!!!!!

Our weekend celebration included seeing some dear friends and after two long years, meeting one very special little lady, Miss Lucia Dawkins.

Sweet Lu and Shaw were born just a couple months a part. I remember talking with Lu's Mom, Juliet, about how excited I was to be pregnant again. We talked about books to read, breast feeding, names and more those months leading up to our babies' births. 

Suddenly, with Shaw's early arrival, we were face down surviving the NICU, running our own race. It wasn't long after Lucia's birth that we learned Juliet and Jason were also taking a different journey. Lu was diagnosed with a rare chromosomal disorder called PKS, Pallister Killians Syndrome. There are only 300 documented cases of PKS in the world.  (To read more about Lu and her family:

Over the last two years, Lu's parents have been a pillar of strength for Michael and myself. Not only have we shared therapy suggestions, inspirational readings and prayers, but also watching them be the best parents on an unguided path for their daughter makes the world seem like a better place. 

It was such a honor to meet Lu - this light in so many lives. The strength of her parents, the beauty of being a big sister to new born, Scout and the compassion of her friends and family exude grace, determination and blessings to anyone that know them.

Meeting Lu & Scout!!

Thank you Megan & Otis for being such gracious hosts as we tooled around Denver

And a long time friend, Karen with her sweet baby Charlie Mae

"C" is for Candace! :)

And thank you, Nana, for taking care of our prize possessions, while we were gone.... Officer Nash & Officer Shaw


Susan said...

Congratulations, Michael and to his supporting staff! Loved reading about Sweet Lu and becoming more informed about PKS. Thanks for always being a bright spot in my day! Susan

Patrick Chiaroni said...

Congratulations to the new graduate and love and kisses to the whole family
Daniele and Patrick and JB and Laurina

Lucia Dawkins said...

It was so special to see you-Candace and Michael. I too feel like so many memories came back from the past two years of our different and beautiful journeys. Sweet Lu will always have a special place in her heart for your family, letting us borrow the little engine that could and us cheering for your little warrior Shaw! Love you guys! Juliet, Jason, Lucia and Scout