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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Family Day

It's family day most weekends around here, but there is something magical when we make it official and say it out loud. We eliminate phones, chores, responsibilities and It has the allure and excitement of skipping school or a snow day.

It is our way of being present.

Yesterday we kicked off family day with a big breakfast and trip to the pool with Daddy (which makes everything more fun). One of our 'to dos' on our Summer Bucket List was for Nash to conquer the big water slide at the pool. Since we aren't allowed to wait at the bottom and catch him, he has had to learn to jump in and swim to the ladder unassisted. Yesterday, he did it!!

He was so scared - like so many of us the first time we try something. He took 15 minutes just to climb the rungs to reach the top of the slide (and ultimately needed coercing from his buddy, James, who held his hand until he reached the top - again a testament to life and how encouragement and support is so critical to personal success).

Once he slid down, I anxiously popped over the rope to ensure he surfaced and was there if he needed me. Wouldn't you know it - he did it again and again and again and again. Each time, he would climb up and say, "I'm not scared anymore!"

These words echoed in my head throughout the day - "I'm not scared anymore! I'm not scared anymore!"

Truthfully, we'll always be scared. When you come close to losing your child there is an inherent appreciation for EVERY SINGLE thing your children do, knowing how precious and fleeting these moments may be.

But I loved hearing, "I'm not scared anymore!" It was like a giant family exhale. Thank you, Nash Richter.

Family day didn't stop with the pool. We  surprised the brothers with their first movie!

Both boys were sound asleep when we woke them up from their naps. We explained we were going on an adventure and they wearily climbed in the car.

I don't think it was until we saw the big screen that Nash realized what was happening. To see the simple things in life for the first time and through a child's eyes is priceless.

This was Shaw's reaction throughout the entire movie.

What a wonderful family day - and how blessed I am to have my family. Things can be scary or new or even stale - like seeing a movie - but doing it together adds strength, excitement and adventure.

We also had the privilege of seeing a dear friend this week - well actually seeing two, since she surprised us with a baby in her belly! Sweet Marjorie - whether it was sitting in the maternity ward, having just given birth to a two pound baby... Sitting in silence and tears, not knowing whether to say I'm sorry or congratulations - just being there, offering support! Or sending us the FIRST EVER Bee Mighty Tshirts or somehow sneaking into our lives to continue years and years of an ongoing practical joke.... She is there. Later, when we were ready, Marjorie shared that her husband was also a preemie - almost 40 years ago and he's pretty fabulous, so that in itself gave us hope. She is a special lady and when Shaw crawled up in her lap to read a story this week, my heart was so full! We love you Team Bridges (all four of you)!

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