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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

SF + Good Friends = Food of the Soul

Just driving over the GG, I get teary-eyed. What a spectacular place on this planet!!

Where else in the world can you be skiing in Tahoe on Saturday, mountain biking with wild turkeys on Sunday morning with an evening sail at sunset? This tiny spot on the map of my life has captured my soul and my tank refills every time I return.

This visit was full of celebration! Meet Annabel and Bennett Bowers, seven week old beauties to our friends Suzanne and Chris.

I had offered to help Suzanne for a few days once the girls were born, since her entire family is on the east coast. Once the trip was booked, I strapped on my laundry washing armor, spit up attire and sway/sshhh magic to help.

Little did I know that they didn't need any help at all! I've never seen (or NOT heard) such sweet, SLEEPING babies. What a wonderful job they are doing and what a blessing to have some time with these new and very precious little girls. We have prayed for these babies for years and to finally meet them is a tremendous blessing!

But that's not all....

One of our dearest friends, "Aunt Chow" as our boys like to call her, celebrated her 40th birthday in Sonoma amidst grapes and good friends!

Sara has been a pillar of strength for our family of over 10 years and it was so special to surround her with love (and wine), family and friends in one of her favorite places on earth. Happy Birthday, sweet friend! May there be so many more moments where life feels right, like in the vineyards of Sonoma!

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, Miguel took the boys to see their Nonnie & Papa at the beach! They had some adventures of their own... Look at these BIG BOYS!!

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