Born @ 27 weeks
2lbs 7oz

Friday, June 1, 2012

It is GOING to happen!

Months and months of grim reports and diagnosis, researching labels and results and disorders. Taking tests, joining support groups and blogs and talking to as many families, therapists and doctors - NONE of it could have prepared us for this....

See video below.

It is going to happen! I know it in my heart (and for a very long time, we hoped but were not sure). There were many nights Michael and I sobbed - not necessarily for sadness for our son, but for limitations that may have that are not his fault. You just want the best for your child and it is hard to imagine one son sitting on the sidelines, while the other is racing down the field.

The truth is, every time our minds wandered to these bleak places of useless worry, we would inevitably meet someone with a story that highlighted Shaw's gifts. For instance, after one particular grim report, Michael and i had a very long night.

Michael's 6am flight came early and neither of us wanted to part. Sitting in his seat, the man beside him struck up a conversation (at 6am! You can imagine Michael's enthusiasm).

As fate would have it, this father had three children, one severely special. He began to tell Michael how his super special child had morphed the entire family. He watched the siblings be more compassionate, less selfish, driven, supportive. He saw first hand how just one of the special gifts from his special son was teaching his siblings integrity and character. It was just what we needed to hear that day. Funny how that happens.

Well, I'm convinced. Mighty Shaw is going to walk! I just know it. He is up and determined and fighting his way to keep up with his brother. Go Shaw, Go!!

One thing (among many), we have learned from this - Never, EVER underestimate (or even accept a diagnosis) for your child. They are mighty. They are resilient. They amaze us every day.

As if this wasn't excitement enough, we had a slumber party with our cousins this week!!

Our prayers have been answered in so many ways. We have never had the opportunity to live close to Michael's brothers; therefore, we haven't had the chance to be the Aunt and Uncle we would love to be to our beautiful nieces (Caitlyn 13, Delaney 7 and nephew, Chance almost 3).

Well, they just happen to be in Hilton Head this summer, less than a mile away!! We've had the chance to grill out, wave to them as they bike by, walk on the beach and have our first (of many) slumber parties!

Abundant blessings. Happy Friday!!


Daniele and Patrick said...

Thrilling video......
Candace we could feel that emotion in your voice...
Moments like that help you forget the hard ones...
Love and kisses from the four of us to the four of you

Daniele and Patrick and JB and Laurina

Amy Rhodes said...

Your sigh at the end of the video said it all. I've made the same sigh, many times, my heart has soared watching Aaron in the same way I know yours did watching Shaw, our hearts have broken for our SugarBear as you described in your post, and we have listened to others, as you have and realized just how blessed and amazing our WeeOnes are. I am so blessed to know you and your family, to have been able to (hopefully) help you through that exhausting roller coaster they call the NICU, and to, now, follow along in your journey and cheer you on. Thank you for continuing to share your story and to stand strong with all of us with special children and fight for them. You are an inspiration and a blessing.

Amy Rhodes