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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wait and See

The week with Nonnie & Papa was fabulous! Sunshine and great company, tennis, golf, picnics at the pool, biking, walks on the beach, live music....We cannot thank them enough for their selflessness and being so great with our children (and us!)

THANK YOU Nonnie & Papa for everything! What a Fabulous vacation! (and special thanks for the extra set of hands as we moved yesterday!)

I am quickly falling crazy in love with Hilton Head (finally listening to my husband after all these years of telling me how much it has to offer our kids).

Thursday brought a 12 hour round trip to Charlotte with a screaming baby (Happy Birthday to me!) for some insight to Shaw's problems with his airway. At our followup appointment on Friday, our Dr suggested another Surgery. (you can't imagine our disappointment). He knew we would be crushed, but delivered the news directly.

Shaw's breathing is still not 'normal'. (I am in total denial. He is so happy and we have heard him SO much worse. We have been telling ourselves that when his breathing seems labored that this is his new baseline).

The Doctor doesn't agree. He believes the scar is coming back.

He would like to go back into Shaw's windpipe and use a chemo treatment (that is usually used to kill the cells that reproduce in breast cancer). He would apply this to the reoccurring scar.

We are torn. We don't want our son to struggle, but we certainly don't want these chemicals in our little one's body, coupled with ANOTHER surgery, anesthesia and hospital stay. He has been through so much already. We just want him to get older and stronger and avoid hospitals at all costs at this time.

The Doctor agreed with our decision to wait and see if his breathing gets worse. If so, we were told to act immediately. Sigh.

So not such great news on my birthday, but cupcakes for breakfast (a Team Richter tradition), live music (with the best baby sitters!) and seeing Caro graduate (and my French and American family) made up for it!!

Congratulations, Caroline! We are so proud of you. Princeton is lucky!!

Plugging on.

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