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2lbs 7oz

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Still Hanging On...

All day we have rested on the brink of an ER trip. Shaw's breathing seems to improve, then dips again. The hardest part is he is in a delightful mood - giggling, playing, eating, resting...he just gets extremely winded and is working over time to breathe when he over exerts.

Shaw received the second dose of antibiotics this morning and we waited and waited. Semi-improvement, but definitely not getting worse, so we held out until he received a third dose tonight.

As a mother before Shaw, I would have had a front row seat in the ER by now. However, once you've spent some serious time in/out of the hospital, you learn to weigh the issues with the consequences. Hospitals are where bugs germinate, so just walking in the door to the ER makes us more susceptible (in fact, this bug probably started from our last hospital visit. Case and point). Then, you have to weigh that someone not familiar with Shaw and his 'challenges' will observe him and automatically proceed with routine procedures. (Shaw is anything but routine). This could lead to one doctor suggesting he should be intubated and again the cycle continues in the PICU.

What the Ortholyrnagist/ENT (as are we) is hoping that Shaw has a bug and we caught it yesterday. We're treating it with steroids (to decrease swelling) and heavy antibiotics. The hope is, Shaw will respond quickly without the hospital hoopla. Again, we wait (anxiously).

Meanwhile, It was also a very special day for Shaw. today was the annual NICU reunion. Each year, Presbyterian hosts a picnic for all NICU graduates of all time. This not only gives us a chance to spend some time with our nurses and doctors that took such excellent care of Shaw, but also all the families that we met along the way.

Meredith, Lisa, Deb, Dr. Rama, Dr. Howell, Dr. Kathadia - they feel like family.

We shed extra tears of delight to see Domekia and sweet Josiah, who traveled from Raleigh. Josiah was the little 24-weeker that spent months as our next door neighbor in the NICU. His Momma also moved in with us for a period of time. To see these two boys together is hard to put into words. I wasn't sure that this day would ever come. They are so beautiful, BIG and perfect!

After playing at the picnic, Domekia and Josiah came back to the lake where we could spend the day together. Nash caught his first fish as Josiah and Shaw ATE their first sand.

What glorious families and special people we have been fortunate enough to meet through Shaw's birth. He may keep us on our toes, but he finds so many ways to fill our hearts.

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Nik, Lindsay and Pierce Franks said...

Loved seeing you guys today! Shaw looks amazing. Is he now sitting on his own?!!! Will continue to pray that he feels better soon and for no trips to the hospital!