Born @ 27 weeks
2lbs 7oz

Friday, September 28, 2012

The Bad and the Good.

Well, I can only think of one positive thing when both your kids are ready to start the day at 5:30am (ouch)...Sunrise over the Appalachians
Sunrise Run around Weaver Lake, Appalachian Mountains

Bad news: we didn't get THE house. 

Good news: Team Richter is in Black Mountain getting intensive ABM therapy for Shaw and having a ball with camp fires, hikes, changing leaves and old friends.

Better news: We had our first Bee Mighty board meeting this week. Thank you to the board for phenomenal support and enthusiasm. Michael pointed out that it was quite surreal to be walking the halls of the hospital and NICU in our current spirits, given where we were almost two years ago. We did it! It's happening! Buckle your seat belts!

Best news: Stephanie Reynolds, Shaw's Godmother, pulled off a fabulous trunk show selling hundreds of dollars in Bee Tees and giving back through W by Worth. Thank you Pure Barre Charlotte and W by Worth!!! We are so honored to have been included. And THANK YOU to those amazing friends that came out to support us!
Aunt Steph sporting her bee tee & yella britches

The house hunt will continue and fall into place at the right time. We'll swallow our disappointment and dwell on all the positive things happening with our boys and BM.

dinner in Asheville with Kim :)

Nash came out of the bedroom tonight after he had been in bed an hour. He said, "Has anyone seen my Snuggle Willy?" (Nash has a 'few' very sacred things to sleep with... Sophie blanket, Stanley (now called 'The Stans' because he has found our back up and now there are two, so plural), P.O. ('pillow') and 'Snug' (short for Snuggle Willy). They ALL have to be present for bed. We couldn't find them anywhere. Check out Nash's belly. S.T.I.N.K.E.R.

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