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Monday, October 1, 2012

RSV Season Begins

As much as I LOVE October, I have been dreading it this year... Shaw is supposed to 'resume quarantine' during RSV season, which technically begins today. :(

This is virtually impossible with a three year old big brother - but we will do all we can. Please see the attached letter another preemie mother shared with family/friends. I would like to say we will not be this 'intense', but I remind myself that the risks are too great. While there will be some things we cannot avoid, we will ratchet up our precautions and do all we can to protect our little one... that is doing AWESOME by the way. See video attached. (ABM works wonders!)

Did you know it takes a premature baby about 24 months for the lungs to "catch up?" There is a lot of damage done by being born so prematurely, aside from the fact that micro-preemies are on mechanical ventilation for long periods of time. This being said, Ruthie’s pulmonologist (lung dr) and pediatrician have agreed that it would be best for Ruthie to have one more RSV/cold/flu season under quarantine. We are not sure yet if she will be getting another set of Synagis vaccines, and until she does (or if she doesn’t qualify) we’ll have to take even more precaution to keep her well.

  While Ruthie is older and bigger and a lot stronger this season, RSV is still a very real danger to her. Therefore, we will once again be limiting contact – we will not be allowing many visitors to our home or to Meemer’s home when Ruthie is there. No school-age children or anyone working with children of any age. There is just far too much that gets passed around at school and let’s face it -  not everyone takes the time to wash their hands properly. Lots of sick germs are out there and Ruthie doesn’t need them. :)

  Aside from her therapy sessions and perhaps the holidays, Ruthie will not be around anyone other than her parents and grandparents. No more grocery store runs, church nursery, or playdates until RSV season is over in April. We respectfully request that you do not ask to be made an exception to her quarantine rules – that just makes it difficult for us as her parents to reinforce what is best for our daughter (ie: we don’t want to hurt your feelings by telling you no, but we will if we have to, so please don’t make us.) 

  Please do not be offended if we are not able to hang out or get together – it’s all for Ruthie’s benefit. Last year wasn’t too difficult but I imagine this year will be a little more challenging since Ruthie is very mobile and not happy being confined without playmates for long periods of time.

  We covet your prayers for a healthy winter for our little diva. 


"Daddy builds the best campfires!" says Nash. (I have to agree).


hikes in Montreat

Both my boys LOVE Chief. This is Shaw 'giving Chief kisses'

Sweet Kim & Chief and Look Out Mountain

Black Mountain, NC

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